50,000 $DPAD
Total Allocation 10%


75,000 $DPAD
Total Allocation : 15%


150,000 $DPAD
Total Allocation: 25%


250,000 $DPAD
Total Allocation: 50%

Tiers Explained

Example: We have $100k allocated total for next IDO!

Bronze will get 10% shared amongs all Bronze Tier holders.

Silver will get 15% shared amongs all Silver Tier holders.

Gold will get 25% shared amongs all Gold Tier holders.

Platinum will get 50% shared amongs all Platinum Tier holders.


By introducing a tier system, you can earn rewards simply by staking $DPAD tokens. Additionally, you can receive free allocations for whitelisted IDO’s that launch through our platform. There are only a few Launchpads that allow users to double their rewards and allocations simultaneously. This is why a smart investor always chooses DegenPad over other options.

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